The fund managers follow a rigorous process in sourcing, analysing and making investments for VNL. The fund managers have extensive networks and knowledge of Vietnam that they leverage to identify investment opportunities.  Once an investment opportunity has been identified, the fund managers conduct careful analysis of the opportunity, with that analysis including consultation with the Investment Committee and the Investment Manager’s Risk Management Committee, to ensure that all risks are identified and properly considered.  The analysis is presented to the Investment Committee for review and approval; only those opportunities approved by the Investment Committee will be executed. After investing into a real estate asset, the fund managers actively licence, develop and market that asset, drawing on the expertise and services of VinaCapital Real Estate Ltd. Throughout the investment cycle, the fund managers actively seek exit opportunities that will allow VNL to meet or exceed target returns. VNL exits investments by selling full or partial equity stakes to foreign and domestic real estate developers, or by selling developed properties to end users, or by listing assets on a public stock exchange.