• Releases date 13/06/2010

    WB: Vietnam rediscovering a frontier market [PDF, 430.4kb]
  • Releases date 07/06/2010

    CNN: Andrew Stevens reports on the growing economic might of Vietnam

  • Releases date 12/05/2010

    TIREL: Vietnam solid real estate fundamentals [PDF, 94.38kb]
  • Releases date 14/04/2010

    BI: Demographics show why Vietnam is the place to be [PDF, 81.15kb]
  • Releases date 19/03/2010

    IPE: Improved terms yet to tempt Vietnam watchers [PDF, 59.97kb]
  • Releases date 25/07/2009

    VinaCapital CEO Don Lam interview on CNBC Asia

  • Releases date 25/07/2009

    CNBC analyst sees positive future for VOF and Vietnam

  • Releases date 28/05/2009

    VNI featured in Liberum Capital Newsletter [PDF, 568.48kb]
  • Releases date 26/05/2009

    Cityscape interview with Don Lam

  • Releases date 31/10/2008

    Don Lam interview with T&I GP [PDF, 550.53kb]