• Releases date 30/05/2008

    VCIM letter to investors [PDF, 28.58kB]
  • Releases date 28/04/2008

    VinaLand Revaluation [PDF, 79.88kB]
  • Releases date 28/03/2008

    VinaLand announces groundbreaking for Capital Square project [PDF, 67.12kB]
  • Releases date 30/01/2008

    VCIM announces share purchase of VNL [PDF, 9.83kB]
  • Releases date 05/09/2007

    VinaCapital Investor Conference Agenda [PDF, 1367.54kB]
  • Releases date 24/10/2006

    VinaCapital's Research report - Petroleum Technical & Services Company [PDF, 795.32kB]
  • Releases date 28/03/2006

    Vinaland IPO - Released by the LCF Rothschild [PDF, 144.57kB]
  • Releases date 22/03/2006

    VinaLand's shares listing on the London Stock Exchange today [PDF, 62.53kB]
  • Releases date 27/07/2005

    VinaCapital Challenge Campaign to raise funds for Vietnamese children's heart surgeries [PDF, 27.83kB]